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Christian Ulbrich: 24 hours in Davos

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Christian-Ulbrich-2015-96A day in Davos is not very different to a normal day in life. You have successes and you have failures. You listen to people with optimistic views and messages and you listen to people with less positive news and opinions. Perhaps the main difference to an ordinary day is that everything is squeezed into less time, so these experiences are very condensed.

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Colin Dyer: Asset Price Dynamics – Real Estate Cycles and Bubbles

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Colin-Dyer-JLL-96It’s now Friday evening in Davos, and with one more day to go, this will be my wrap-up blog from this year’s WEF meeting.

I spent the most interesting part of my day chairing a session presenting some excellent research led by David Rees, our Head of Research in Australia, in conjunction with the World Economic Forum and supported by many of our researchers… Read More

Herman Bulls: Phenomenal Client and Prospect Conversations

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Herman Bulls (image)The Davos journey continues. The experience is both exhilarating and physically demanding. Imagine being at a cocktail party for 14 hours straight with the need to keep a welcoming smile on at all times as well as nifty nuggets of information readily available to advance a conversation. The jet lag is about over but I still need a jolt each afternoon… Read More

Sheila Penrose: Snow outside, a blizzard of sessions inside

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Sheila Penrose (image)I spoke in a panel yesterday about operating in an interconnected business world at a time when politics are fragmented and geopolitical risks are heightened.  The group, from a wide range of industries, came to a few conclusions that align well with JLL’s expertise and approach:

    • Focus on cities, not just countries
    • Balance experienced global management with deep local expertise, to allow local
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Jon Zehner: Quantitative Easing Addictions and Venice

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Jon-Zehner-JLL-96Today was the day of easy money. In addition to the ECB announcing the Eurozone’s first stab at quantitative easing, I was able to join some interesting discussions regarding the world’s current monetary easing policies and when and how they might end. Although there were differing views of when the U. S. is likely to raise interest rates, the consensus view was… Read More