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Anuj Puri: India: The World’s Next Growth Engine – Fact Or Fiction?

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Anuj-Puri-JLL-96Day 2 at the World Economic Forum in Davos was still about India for me, and it’s hard to ignore the weight of expectations on us. As I made my way to the Congress Centre through the morning mist, I was still trying to clear the fog shrouding my thoughts as I visualized India as the World’s Next Growth Engine. Should this proposition… Read More

Toshinobu Kasai: A Big Day for JLL, A Big Night for Japan

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On the first full day of the Forum, JLL kicked off with a morning breakfast session titled ‘Delivering New World Cities’, where renowned panelists discussed many aspects of city innovation and urbanization. It was fascinating to hear insights from the panel, which comprised Rosemary Feenan, JLL’s head of global research, Professor Colin Lizieri from the University of Cambridge, and Professor Carlo Ratti of… Read More

Colin Dyer: Five Themes for Thursday

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Good evening from Davos, where I’ve just returned to my hotel after a 30-minute walk – in minus 14 degrees Celsius (7 degrees F) weather – following a Japan event I attended with Kasai-san. (More on that later.) It was good to get back to the hotel.

I have five thoughts for you tonight.

The first is a general observation. There is a strong sense… Read More

Sheila Penrose: Changing job skills and empowering women fuel growth

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Sheila Penrose (image)


The Davos debate continues to focus on how our world is being fundamentally transformed by new technologies, tied to the theme of this year’s meeting “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

I participated in a panel today on how the skills and employment picture will change. Here are some of the highlights:

  • We’re redefining how value is created and by whom.
  • Capabilities will matter more than
  • Read More

Christian Ulbrich: Europe’s bright horizon

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Christian-Ulbrich-2015-96Thursday tends to be the busiest day here and with the increased security moving around Davos is proving quite difficult.  As the overall theme of this year’s meeting is about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, many discussions turned back to technology and going digital.  One really important factor which I did not touch on in yesterday’s blog is the resulting impact on the organisational… Read More