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Christie Kelly: Notes from Davos

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Christie KellySo at the end of a week at Davos what does it really mean to us and what are the learnings?

1. Practice: Let’s continue to exemplify and go beyond on responsive and responsible leadership. Visit previous posts and make it matter what you and we are doing today for tomorrow. For our clients, investors and our company.… Read More

Susheel Koul: Fitbit overtime, ‘wefie’ moments and my last takeaways from Davos

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Susheel-KoulThis being my first time at Davos, I arrived not knowing exactly what to expect. It was an eye-opening experience – the security systems, evening parties, protocols, choosing sessions, cold weather management with temperatures of around -18 degrees Celsius at times … My Fitbit watch had to work overtime – clocking an average… Read More