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Colin Dyer: Six Davos Conclusions

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Colin-Dyer-JLL-96In our daily blogs, Sheila, Christian, Anuj, Kasai-san, Greg and I have discussed what we’ve seen and heard, and how we spent our time, in Davos last week. In this final blog, I wanted to talk about why we come to Davos in the first place. Why invest the time and resources to be here? Here are six thoughts about why it’s so… Read More

Colin Dyer: Five Themes for Thursday

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Good evening from Davos, where I’ve just returned to my hotel after a 30-minute walk – in minus 14 degrees Celsius (7 degrees F) weather – following a Japan event I attended with Kasai-san. (More on that later.) It was good to get back to the hotel.

I have five thoughts for you tonight.

The first is a general observation. There is a strong sense… Read More

Colin Dyer: Arriving in Davos

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Colin-Dyer-JLL-96I arrived in Davos today after spending Monday in Paris with Charles Boudet, Benoit du Passage and the members of our new French Client Advisory Board. The mood following a very successful 2015 was very much upbeat. That put me in a good mood arriving in Davos.

Coming here for the 10th year, I am drawn to discussions – and they are everywhere –… Read More

Colin Dyer: The Rise of Innovation-Oriented Cities

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Colin-Dyer-JLL-96Forces of globalization, urbanization and technological advancement are transforming the definition of a ‘successful’ city and reshaping the global urban hierarchy in the process. Success can no longer be measured simply by considering a city’s size and historical attributes. Today it is more likely to revolve around innovation, ‘liveability’ and the ability to transform and adapt to constantly changing socio-economic forces.

The JLL City… Read More

Colin Dyer: Asset Price Dynamics – Real Estate Cycles and Bubbles

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Colin-Dyer-JLL-96It’s now Friday evening in Davos, and with one more day to go, this will be my wrap-up blog from this year’s WEF meeting.

I spent the most interesting part of my day chairing a session presenting some excellent research led by David Rees, our Head of Research in Australia, in conjunction with the World Economic Forum and supported by many of our researchers… Read More