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Christie Kelly: Davos, Day 1

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Christie KellyWOW! Listening + Learning + Connecting = Insight.  

As I said in yesterday’s post, this year’s WEF theme is “Responsive and responsible leadership.” What does that mean in practice? Today was a day to learn more.

Responsive and responsible means learning from people by listening and interacting with them:


  • Refusing to be detached from the world
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Christie Kelly: Davos, Day 0

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Christie KellyIt’s starting!

As the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Annual Meeting gets underway, 3,000 leaders from business, government, the arts, science and healthcare — plus media — are arriving in Davos from nearly 100 countries. It’s a diverse group: One-third come from outside North America and Europe, and one-third represent groups outside business and government.

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