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Greg Lubar: Mastering the Davos routine

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Greg_Lubar_Davos_96Waking up on the morning of day four, I’m a bit tired, but pumped up for what is sure to be another great day. I am totally into the swing of things now and seem to have mastered the routine.

1. Find interesting people
2. Set up meetings for future times
3. Have meetings
4. Establish relationships
5. Rinse and repeat

And in between the above, attend some of the… Read More

Greg Lubar: First Davos experience

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Greg_Lubar_Davos_96It’s hard to describe the anticipation of coming to Davos for the first time. With a month of preparation trying to understand the dynamics of those who will be attending, events to participate in, who I wanted to meet with and working out the logistics, when January 18 arrived, I was already exhausted. Traveling from Washington D.C. to Davos is an adventure in… Read More