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Herman Bulls: Selfie with a Princess

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Herman Bulls (image)The social activities at Davos are typical of business conferences: sponsoring organizations hold cocktail parties and dinners for guests.The hosts range from corporations and non-governmental organizations to colleges and universities. Typically held in the evening, the events start immediately after the major sessions end each day, when the streets have a feeling of Mardi Gras, with lots of people, snow-covered… Read More

Herman Bulls: Phenomenal Client and Prospect Conversations

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Herman Bulls (image)The Davos journey continues. The experience is both exhilarating and physically demanding. Imagine being at a cocktail party for 14 hours straight with the need to keep a welcoming smile on at all times as well as nifty nuggets of information readily available to advance a conversation. The jet lag is about over but I still need a jolt each afternoon… Read More