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Jon Zehner: Many interesting discussions

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Jon-Zehner-JLL-96Friday was another interesting day with perspectives on many issues of importance.

We saw a powerful speech from U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry on the importance of everyone coming together to forcefully combat terrorism, starting with ISIS (consistently called DASH at Davos). He used World War II as an example of the focus and determination that the world would likely require… Read More

Jon Zehner: Quantitative Easing Addictions and Venice

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Jon-Zehner-JLL-96Today was the day of easy money. In addition to the ECB announcing the Eurozone’s first stab at quantitative easing, I was able to join some interesting discussions regarding the world’s current monetary easing policies and when and how they might end. Although there were differing views of when the U. S. is likely to raise interest rates, the consensus view was… Read More

Jon Zehner: Prelude to Davos

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Jon-Zehner-JLL-96Here we are again in Davos for the 2015 edition of the World Economic Forum. Who would have guessed that the Governor of the Swiss Central Bank would have upstaged events by removing the Swiss Franc’s ceiling against the Euro? Maybe the whole event will be an anti-climax? I tend to doubt it. And besides, who will read our blogs if we… Read More