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Working together solves more than labouring alone

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As I walk between the Conference Centre and along the Promenade, I’ve been reflecting on the meetings and conversations I’ve had. Understandably, there is much debate – and a slight tension – about the future of globalisation.

On the one hand, the rise of populism and an inward-facing, heavy domestic outlook is very real. A world and a focus on national issues seemingly superseding the path of international collaboration is a political… Read More

Disruption in Davos

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Well, three days in it’s fair to say that Davos 2018 has been all about disruption!  At the beginning of the week it was the record breaking snowfall, followed by the inevitable disruption caused when 70 heads of state descend on a small mountain village, but the winner is without a doubt “technology”.  There is not a meeting or a session at the… Read More

Preparing for Davos 2018

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They say that there is nothing better than adversity to bring people together.  In which case, the Davos 20-year record snowfall of 2 metres (6.5 feet) in the last 24 hours might just help the World Economic Forum delegates come together. The overall theme of Davos this year is: “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World.” So a bit of bonding in snow boots might… Read More