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Megan Walters: The significance of property management in managing complex and interconnected risk

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I was at the World Economic Forum in Dalian in China last week on a panel addressing “How Can Businesses and Governments Manage Complex and Interconnected Risks in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?”

Three of our previous industrial revolutions have transformed cities, with electricity providing light and thus safety, while the invention of the elevators has led to soaring buildings and the rise of skyscraper cities.… Read More

Sylvia Lau: Fish, Women and Inclusion in Dalian

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I’m surrounded by leaders, young scientists, female innovators and entrepreneurs from different nationalities here at the World Economic Forum in Dalian, and I’m very happy to see there is such a diverse delegation.

It’s especially apt since the theme of this 11th Annual Meeting of the New Champions is “Achieving Inclusive Growth in the Fourth… Read More

What Africa can do for its own investment prospects

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South Africa and Nigeria are the largest economies in Africa. Together they represent 60% of the continent’s GDP – out of 54 countries. Failure, as such, is not an option. That’s why the World Economic Forum’s Update on South Africa and Nigeria was concentrated around identifying existing economic challenges, steps to overcoming them, and growth prospects for the future.

Verod Capital Management is a leading private equity firm focused on Nigeria. “How… Read More

Leadership in a Disruptive Era: a summary of the WEF opening plenary session

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The rapid advancement of technology is changing the world, disrupting every facet of commerce, industry and government. As a result, the question for every leader is no longer whether to adopt a disruptive approach in order to keep up, but where to begin. This was also clearly the question at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the opening plenary session of the World Economic Forum on Africa, held in Durban earlier… Read More