Christie Kelly: Davos, Day 0

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Christie KellyIt’s starting!

As the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Annual Meeting gets underway, 3,000 leaders from business, government, the arts, science and healthcare — plus media — are arriving in Davos from nearly 100 countries. It’s a diverse group: One-third come from outside North America and Europe, and one-third represent groups outside business and government.

Everything is beginning to buzz.


This year’s WEF theme: “Responsive and responsible leadership.”

It will be fascinating to learn and share what global leaders have to say about:
– The backdrop of political uncertainty and global growth: Trump and the U.S. (the president-elect      is not sending an official representative), Brexit, Russia, China, etc.
– Refugees and migration
– The “Fourth Industrial Revolution”: the role of technology in driving responsible and responsive       leadership and how the digital economy is transforming business models, the role of productivity,   our work force and, for JLL, the role real estate will play in all this.
– Gender equality in the workplace.
– The role of a responsible leader today.

Sessions on my agenda this week:
– Monetary policy and where will things land
– Outlook for the U.S.
– Global growth and markets outlook
– China’s role in global prosperity
– Smart cities / smart nations
– The un-stereotyped mindset – unlocking gender equality
– A compact for responsible business leadership

I’ll also be meeting with JLL clients and prospects. So stay tuned! I’ll share my thoughts and impressions as the week progresses.


Christie Kelly