Christie Kelly: Notes from Davos

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Christie KellySo at the end of a week at Davos what does it really mean to us and what are the learnings?

1. Practice: Let’s continue to exemplify and go beyond on responsive and responsible leadership. Visit previous posts and make it matter what you and we are doing today for tomorrow. For our clients, investors and our company. Share your comments. What could we be doing? And doing even better?

2. Opportunity: Let’s work together. I met with numerous clients and prospective clients who need space and/or investment opportunities in real estate to drive value. Let’s bring these opportunities to reality.

3. Connect: Our JLL team needs best in class information and analytics to be responsive and responsible leaders. Without each of us participating in client-centric management tools and making it possible to connect seamlessly around the globe, we’re missing opportunities to make a difference and grow.

4. Tools and Technology: We need to be more client-centric and work together with the tools we have or envision developing. We need payback analysis and metrics with accountabilities for any money we are spending or wish to spend on tools and technology. It’s not free and is pressuring our margins. We have more opportunity than we might imagine. Let’s be best in class on sharing information. To be best in class our information resources will need to evolve.

5. Challenge: What are your ideas on how we improve our game as responsible and responsive leaders and make this matter for JLL, our clients and the cities where we work?

Davos 2017 and JLL matter. I want to hear from you on how to move forward.

Christie Kelly