Colin Dyer: Arriving in Davos

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Colin-Dyer-JLL-96I arrived in Davos today after spending Monday in Paris with Charles Boudet, Benoit du Passage and the members of our new French Client Advisory Board. The mood following a very successful 2015 was very much upbeat. That put me in a good mood arriving in Davos.

Coming here for the 10th year, I am drawn to discussions – and they are everywhere – about all the issues facing the world today: the Chinese economy, doubts over growth rates in the developed world, the U.S. elections, volatility in stock markets over the last six months, a potential directional change for global interest rates, and technology- and digitization-related employment challenges.

What I’ve learned is that, every time I come here, whether the economy is good or difficult (as it was in 2009), there are always issues that people want to worry about and that the press likes to write about.

But I’ve also learned that you need to look through all the noise and ask, “What are the fundamentals really telling you?”

To me, following the fourth-quarter operating reviews we completed last week with our regional businesses and LaSalle, my sense coming into Davos is that real estate markets are still robust and healthy, and that our own business is even more robust and healthy in those markets.

So, during the next couple of days, I’ll be thinking about how positive we are about our business and how well we are performing, and comparing that with the noise the media puts out about issues in the market.

I’ll try to decipher what business people are really thinking, and how are they feeling about this contradiction.

I hope you’ll watch the blog posts of all our delegates here in Davos, decide for yourself and add your own comments.

4 thoughts on “Colin Dyer: Arriving in Davos

  1. Julien Zhang

    I think the comments were quite right, as even for the most discussed country of China, the slowing down to a 25-year low, although still at over 6%, did give us even greater opportunities. Chinese companies are now pushed hard to think how to be more productive and efficient, despite their having claimed to do so before. This opens up huge opportunities to turn to professional firms such as JLL for advisory and support, rather than maintaining the traditional way of doing everything in-house. When Chinese companies started to look for acquiring services, firms like JLL in particular are a most favorable option because of the established and the stable senior professional team in China, which is a key consideration for Chinese companies who put more trust on reliability and relationship.

    With the fundamental shift to service-oriented direction in China for the next 10 years or longer, leading property services firm like JLL will separate themselves from others very soon.

  2. Jan Thompson

    You are quite right that we should be trying to work out what the fundamentals are telling us. It is though ‘ challenging’ to be confident of one’s own views in a world when we are bombarded by press and market commentators/ pundits until one realises many of them know precious little more than we do. There are few certainties nowadays but at least it is interesting and often exciting.

  3. Renee Elms

    Mr. Dyer, your words came at an important time for me. It seems with every project our teams connect to and deliver on, success grows based on the outcomes of the deliverables and positive people impact on the delivery to the client.

    What you said about filtering through the noise and asking “What are the fundamentals really telling you?” really hit home for me. How can I filter through all the changes, and stresses of learning a new app, process and document the fundamental knowledge of content that will lead to successful adoption of the app by our client and client teams? I don’t have all the answers to that question yet, but I’ll be working on it!

    Thinking this way brings me to a calmer state and a better focus point for my next project(s). Thank you for that.

    Enjoy your trip! Send photos too! I am not a world traveler yet, but I’m sure it’s beautiful in all the points of the world that you travel.

    Stay safe.

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