Colin Dyer: Looking forward to the 2014 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

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Colin DyerWith the 2014 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting about to start, here are some initial thoughts and expectations.

This will be the firm’s sixth year in attendance. I’m joined by four of our leaders. Christian Ulbrich, EMEA CEO, and Jon Zehner, Global Head of LaSalle Investment Management’s Client Capital Group, who were in Davos last year, have returned. Sheila Penrose, Chairman of our Board of Directors, and Anuj Puri, Chairman of our business in India, are attending the conference for the first time.

Our expanded presence reflects our position as a WEF Strategic Partner, a distinction reserved for 100 top organizations, leaders in their business areas who have earned the respect of the global community. By sending more people to Davos, we increase our networking opportunities.

So the five of us will spread out during the week to ‘divide and conquer,’ but we’ll share three common objectives. First, we’ll develop or expand relationships with very senior managers at some of our top investor and corporate clients. For LaSalle, that will include institutional investors and sovereign wealth fund clients. Second, we’ll meet with prospective clients. And third, we’ll connect with government and other public-sector officials from different parts of the world.

Davos attracts influential people from many different fields to a small town for a single week each year. So it offers a unique opportunity to ‘take the pulse’ of the world’s business, economic and political leaders, helping us think about the coming year in our own business. What questions might be out there?

  • Is confidence rising among Davos delegates?
  • Is urbanization an issue?
  • Will social media, mobile technology and big data be big topics?
  • What do people think about the Middle East and its impact on the rest of the world?
  • How should we think about Africa?
  • Has growth in the BRICs slowed permanently?
  • Are sustainability and the environment on peoples’ minds?
  • Are there other issues to watch out for, potential ‘land mines’?

We’ll post entries to this blog to describe our activities and share our thinking about the sessions we attend, the people we meet and the mood we find in Davos. We’ll also present JLL’s views on the role of cities in ‘reshaping the world,’ the theme of this year’s WEF meeting. All of us look forward to talking with you this week. Please feel free to comment and share our thoughts with friends and clients.

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    = Which effect has China as the new rising geo strategic superpower for global trade and peace relations ?

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