Greg Lubar: Mastering the Davos routine

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Greg_Lubar_Davos_96Waking up on the morning of day four, I’m a bit tired, but pumped up for what is sure to be another great day. I am totally into the swing of things now and seem to have mastered the routine.

1. Find interesting people
2. Set up meetings for future times
3. Have meetings
4. Establish relationships
5. Rinse and repeat

And in between the above, attend some of the most interesting seminars and discussions I have ever seen at a conference. So far I have been in small seminars with Joe Biden, David Cameron, Justin Trudeau, Benjamin Netanyahu, John Kerry and CEOs from Bank of America, Blackstone, WPP and Standard Chartered Bank, just to name a few. The discussions are fascinating, especially as everyone here watches the world stock markets slide, and the price of oil drop. Surprisingly, there is no panic. In fact, it seems the consensus is that this is all unwarranted and will be short lived. I hope they are right.

In addition to the scheduled events above, I have continued juggling client/prospect meetings, sometimes on my own, sometimes with Colin and sometimes with some of my other JLL colleagues. It’s amazing – everyone wants to meet us (time allowing) and the meetings last for 15-30 minutes. I have already had some great meetings with corporate CEOs who, besides sharing ideas, in many cases have promised some business.

Besides all of the semiformal business we do during the day, the nights have proven to be even more productive, both on the networking front and on the FUN front. Last night I attended parties thrown by PWC, BCG, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Deloitte, and Frankfort, Germany. They offered interesting food, interesting drinks and interesting people. I must admit that Japan won the prize last night with bottomless Saki and unlimited sushi (I might have eaten an entire tuna by myself).

As I type this blog, the day has already started out at 100 MPH. With a few meetings under my belt and a constant link with Egencia trying to figure out how I am going to get home (all flights for Saturday and Sunday have been canceled due to the storm), I was able to attend a session discussing the Next Steps for Iran – very interesting prospective for all sides. It’s really complicated.

As I approach the end of my last day, there is a bit of relief that it is going to be over and my supersonic speed will slow down to a more manageable pace. At the same time, there’s disappointment that this is going to end. How wonderful life would be if every day it was this easy to meet hundreds of the world’s most powerful and interesting people under one roof. When I wake up on Monday morning and am back to reality, I’m sure I will have time to reflect on what actually happened this past week and enjoy the experience. For now, it’s like I am in a car going 400 MPH, and it’s almost impossible to see anything out of the window as it’s all going by so fast.

2 thoughts on “Greg Lubar: Mastering the Davos routine

  1. steve trapp

    great insight- curious if you asked or heard any of the above referenced people in meetings and discussions – does the topic of current reading lists or great books or topics they are reading come up- its sometimes interesting insight into what people are thinking or looking to learn new topics or trends ? curious

  2. Cherie

    Thank you for taking time for these updates, it personalizes the Conference, so we all feel engaged in the process, truly appreciated. Proud of JLL and honored to be a JLL colleague.

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