Greg O’Brien: Perspectives

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Greg Obrien

A week in Davos provides a chance to hear a wide range of perspectives in a condensed period of time. It is a really an opportunity to step back and think of what is happening more broadly in the world so we can continue to adapt and remain focused on what is affecting our clients and our communities.

We listened in on discussions about topics that ranged from the refugee crises and resource constraints in Africa to perspectives from world leaders plus insights from corporate leaders across the globe. Within 48 hours we were able to hear in a small setting the President of China, both the past and current Prime Ministers of the UK and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. We also spoke directly with the outgoing Vice President of the United States and the Finance Minister of Canada.

While there is angst about political shifts like the U.S. administration change and UK’s Brexit, there is a generally foundationally positive tone in the world community. Forums like this definitely shrink the globe, connecting decision makers and aligning them through dialog. Companies we work with are here to focus on building relationships and partnerships, with strategic partners like JLL, and around B-to-B opportunities. As a JLL contingent, we had over 100 meaningful one-on-one meetings with our most important clients and prospective clients, talking about how we can drive value together across our firms. Themes I heard follow much of our vision: digitization, client-centricity, and commitment to teamwork, ethics, excellence, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.

Our investment in Davos is meaningful for JLL. As we leave Switzerland, the real work begins as we work to bring to life the new value we discussed in Davos with our clients.

Greg O’Brien
CEO, Americas