Jon Zehner: Migration to Davos

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Jon Zehner

As I arrive in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum in Davos, I feel a little bit like the snow goose who is migrating south behind the rest of his flock and has been caught in the emerging cold weather.  In this case, I am travelling east from Chicago, but the weather comment holds as the bitterly cold artic weather has returned to Chicago and Switzerland is significantly warmer.  I am the last member of the Jones Lang LaSalle flock to arrive in Davos as meetings held me in Chicago until Tuesday night.  My wings are still strong (actually they are the wings of the Swiss Air A330) and I have arrived with relatively few ruffled feathers and am ready to mix with the diverse array of other birds who have migrated to Davos before me.  My expectation is that some of them will be well-preened and have some showy plumes (intellectually at least).

My focus for the week will be on the long-term investors; what are their perceptions of the opportunities and the risks in the current environment?  I will let you know what I hear in future blogs and I will work on a bird name for them.  Kori Bustards?  These large birds are wary inhabitants of the African plains. They rarely fly but are constantly poking their heads above the grasses in search of danger.   Wandering Albatrosses?  Long-winged travellers of the oceans which rarely land as they constantly search for the most interesting food sources.  Let me know what you think would be a good name for them and I will ponder it as well.