Jon Zehner: Perspectives of the long-term investor

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Jon ZehnerA little harder to get preened this morning after a busy day and night. The snow falling this morning makes it important to keep my feathers clean and puffed-out to stay warm (good thing that I am a snow goose). Interesting conversations yesterday amongst the long-term investor/Wandering Albatross community.

Topics included:


  • The high energy costs in Europe,
  • The relative lack of monetary easing in Europe and the risks to the economic recovery,
  • Regulatory concerns hampering growth and the risk that the regulators, having been focused on the banks and investment banks, may turn their focus to the investment management industry,
  • The risk of social unrest if economies, particularly in Europe, don’t create more economic growth and jobs,
  • The risks associated with getting out of the strong monetary easing policies that have been in place in many countries,
  • China and the risks associated with a slowdown in the Chinese economy,
  • Low interest rates and its impact on the pricing of assets.


2 thoughts on “Jon Zehner: Perspectives of the long-term investor

  1. zelick altman


    Did you get a sense of where the “money” is going? Do they see Europe as an opportunity or a big risk? Do they see North America as fully priced or do they think it has upside potential? Do they think core is fully priced or does it have room to grow? Anyone mention Canada as a place to invest?

    1. Angelia Lim

      Snow comes with the beautiful territory. From the street here in Singapore, the regulators are already focusing on regulating Investment Management industry ! Look at the army of compliance rules and officers – it is simply not amusing.

      Appreciate if you heard any feedback from investors re their views of Asia and in particular views about investing into Asia and if Real estate will be one a target for them in their portfolio. currently it seems the flows go from Asia to Europe and USA real estate as these large economies repair and prices recover post GFC and euro zone crisis – is this what you hear and see too from talking to investors ?

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