Picturing a world of smart, sustainable, connected cities

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The World Economic Forum enters the final day of its 2019 annual meeting in what might be called a mood of cautious optimism. We’ve seen clear blue skies over Davos all week, but everyone here seems keenly aware of the clouds hovering on the horizon in our economies and societies. In particular, there is a strong sense of frustration among business leaders at the inability of politicians to resolve issues such… Read More

Real estate moves up the agenda at Davos

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One of the things I’ve found most interesting at Davos is that business leaders are really starting to understand the importance of great workspaces and workplaces, and the role real estate can play in the war for talent and corporate strategy in general. I discuss this, Brexit, the environment, celebrity selfies and other insights in my Davos podcast.

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From theory to reality—technology makes business better

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The World Economic Forum brings together different perspectives for one snowy January week a year. The theme this year is Globalization for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (“4IR”), referring to the massive shifts in business models across industries and most every company due to digitization and AI. While 4IR seemed forward-looking when introduced a few years ago, the pace of digital growth and innovation is increasing rapidly and this year the discussions… Read More

Working together solves more than labouring alone

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As I walk between the Conference Centre and along the Promenade, I’ve been reflecting on the meetings and conversations I’ve had. Understandably, there is much debate – and a slight tension – about the future of globalisation.

On the one hand, the rise of populism and an inward-facing, heavy domestic outlook is very real. A world and a focus on national issues seemingly superseding the path of international collaboration is a political… Read More

Top talking points – and why Davos has a vital role to play

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Sheila PenroseGreetings from a cold Davos! It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to mix with business and thought leaders from around the globe. The main Congress Center here is a swirl of constant activity, with delegates juggling meetings, presentations, media interviews, and chance encounters in the corridors. As always, from among the wide range of topics and issues, some key recurring themes and… Read More