Sheila Penrose: Changing job skills and empowering women fuel growth

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The Davos debate continues to focus on how our world is being fundamentally transformed by new technologies, tied to the theme of this year’s meeting “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

I participated in a panel today on how the skills and employment picture will change. Here are some of the highlights:

  • We’re redefining how value is created and by whom.
  • Capabilities will matter more than credentials.
  • Relationship management, design, creativity and cross-cultural sensitivity will be attributes in demand.
  • Values-based leadership will be critical as loyalty to companies diminishes.
  • Motivating people to embrace change is a winning strategy.
  • We need to be “re-skilled” throughout our careers… and our lives.

I also co-chaired a meeting of trustees on the World Economic Forum’s gender parity initiative this morning, where the Secretary General of the United Nations and the President of the World Bank promoted economic empowerment for women in emerging economies as an engine for growth.

For the developed world, there was energetic debate not about how women break through the “glass ceiling” but how they move from the “sticky floor,” with much discussion on the role unconscious bias plays – for all of us – in our behaviors and decisions.

I am proud of all that we have accomplished at JLL but reminded that we have much more to do to in leveraging all our talent.

Several client meetings, including some with Colin, rounded out the day. Now, back out into the snow for a round of evening networking events…

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