Sheila Penrose: Geopolitics and societal issues dominate discussions

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Sheila PenroseTwo topics in which I’m involved with World Economic Forum here in Davos and throughout the year – corporate governance and gender parity – were both on the agenda yesterday in private working sessions. Later, I had an opportunity to discuss the key issue of the future of work as a panel member…with a series of one-on-one meetings in between.

While government issues like the election and pending inauguration in the U.S. and UK Prime Minister May’s speeches on Brexit tend to drive both sessions and individual conversations, real business opportunities are being uncovered and cemented for JLL.

One of the consistent themes at Davos is fragmentation in geopolitics and societies. An example: while Europe continues to be the largest exporter and importer, as well as the largest source and recipient of investment flows, trade agreements are increasingly bilateral, especially with the failure of the Trans Pacific Partnership. And fragmentation has been evident in the response to pressures on the Euro and European banks as well as the refugee crisis. Meanwhile, business competitiveness requires scale and innovation beyond geographic boundaries with a regulatory environment that is forward-looking.

More tomorrow…

Sheila Penrose
Chairman, JLL