Sheila Penrose: Notes from Davos

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Sheila PenroseDavos is a smorgasbord of activities.

JLL hosted a successful breakfast session this morning on the workplace experience, which profiled JLL’s expertise on how the changing workforce, the integration of personal and professional activities, and the need for collaboration and innovation are reflected in client space and design decisions. A good kickoff for our presence here.

Later, President Xi of China in his keynote expressed his support for globalization, free trade and sustainability, and refuted speculation of engaging in a currency war… putting a stake in the ground on some of today’s contentious global issues.

Lunchtime brought a focus on European monetary policy where concerns were expressed about the ability of European central banks to handle an economic shock or downturn, given how little flexibility remains of monetary policy.

In several meetings with clients and prospects, the mood is generally upbeat… albeit with an aura of uncertainty.

So an array of views as well as activities. We’ll see what additional perspectives this evening brings!
Sheila Penrose
Chairman, JLL