Sheila Penrose: Davos Energy and Activity

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Sheila Penrose

It’s hard to describe the energy and activity at Davos. So much of what happens here comes from the spontaneous connections around the official agenda.

It’s also good to see some old friends and business colleagues in this new setting!

Today, before a series of meetings with CEOs of JLL clients and prospects, I attended a session of company Chairmen discussing shareholder activism. The bottom line: Shareholders are increasingly focused on the quality of corporate governance and expect to interact directly with the Board. And when there are concerns about the company, activists use the press more effectively than do their corporate targets.

With activist shareholders in the ascendancy again, useful food for thought!

Sheila Penrose

4 thoughts on “Sheila Penrose: Davos Energy and Activity

  1. Lisa Handy

    Sheila – In regards to interacting directly with shareholders, does social media have the same influence in other countries that it does in the United States? Davos is a great opportunity to learn how fellow delegates leverage those tools to be more proactive in keeping all our stakeholders engaged.

  2. Jenny Bonk


    Interesting post. I wonder how shareholder activism differs when the shareholders are also employees? Does this change the dynamic or the type of conversation?

  3. Caroline

    Sheila –
    So glad that you’re representing JLL in Davos this year. As one of the few female attendees (just 15% I read), you’re clearly among global elites and demonstrating the company’s commitment to employees.
    If you’re attending any events or sessions on global parity issues, I’d be interested to read an insider’s perspective and what the reactions are from other global companies.

  4. Monna Nevils

    Sheila — Your post is so interesting; thanks for sharing it. There’s a cottage industry around helping shareholders become more active in the decision-making process of Boards–training, how-to books, webinars, etc. Maybe these efforts will keep activism directed toward positive change.

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