Toshinobu Kasai: JLL co-hosts Japan Night at Davos

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toshinobu-kasai-2Every year during the Davos conference, participating Japanese companies host “Japan Night.” This is an important networking event that connects Japanese companies, as well as non-Japanese companies together, providing fertile ground to discuss and cultivate an understanding of Japanese cultural and business practice.
This year, I’m pleased to announce JLL Japan was invited to co-sponsor Japan Night as one of the very few non-Japanese companies. This is an important moment in JLL’s 31-year history in Japan, and I believe this a harbinger of our expansion in the Japanese market to come.

The event started off with a video greeting from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe before the opening remarks from President Shinno, of Suntory Holdings, and Hitachi’s Chairman Nakanishi. The venue was buzzing with guests and activity. Diverse aspects of Japanese culture, including food, sake, and a Koto (a traditional Japanese string instrument) performance were on display for everyone to enjoy.

It is great that Japanese culture is so popular abroad. We see sushi bars and ramen shops anywhere you go in the world. Just last year, the number of tourists to Japan rose to a high of over 24 million, the fifth consecutive record-breaking year. The Japanese spirit is encapsulated in Japan’s lush natural landscapes, rich history, delicious gastronomical tradition, and in its hospitable, respectful, and hardworking people. I think business growth would be greatly aided if we could extend understanding of these Japanese virtues to more people around the world.

During yesterday’s Japan Night, JLL’s CEO Christian Ulbrich and the Chairman of our board Sheila Penrose were present, interacting with many of our valued clients. Thanks to their active participation, we were able to send a strong message regarding the importance of the Japanese market to JLL.

It was a real pleasure to spend meaningful time with clients and colleagues. I hope to expand JLL’s awareness in Japan, while supporting our Japanese clients locally and globally.

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  1. Andrew Lambl

    Thank you for the unique cultural perspective. It is important that JLL continues to maintain and build strong international relationships. It is just one of many reasons why JLL is a great company to work for.

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