Why WEF isn’t just about celebrities and politicians

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It’s easy to get starstruck by the glitterati attending Davos. I was privileged to meet and chat to some amazing people at the event. But what I’ve found is that it’s also a great opportunity to engage with our clients and those companies we’d like to have as clients. When big topics are on the agenda – as they always are at the WEF – it gives us the chance to talk about what they really care about and what keeps them awake at night.

Me with JLL Asia Pacific CEO Anthony Couse, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Claudia Parzani, Managing Partner, Linklaters Western Europe

What I’m hearing from everyone – from government officials to our clients – is that the march of technology is something we all must consider an absolute priority. Many of the formal and informal conversations discussed regulatory challenges and how to harness its power for good.

The rapid pace at which new technologies are being introduced means that there are great responsibilities involved. A panelist at one session talked about the potential for misuse, saying: “Trust comes on foot and leaves on horseback.” That’s a sentiment that really struck me.

At our client event at Davos

There is no shying away from new technology, and one common theme emerging throughout the discussions was how both our clients and policymakers share the same concerns about how we can best utilise it to our advantage in a responsible way.

What companies need to know about tech impacting their workplace

Real estate is such an important part of the global economy. It’s vital to understand the role we play in supporting our clients across the range of challenges they face.

One of the ways we’re helping our clients understand the impact of technology on their workforce and on their real estate footprint is via Future of Work, JLL’s new framework that looks at the transformation of the ways we work and where we work.

Everyone in real estate is talking about the changes that technology will bring, and we have the scale and data to help steer through this exciting new landscape.